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Sunday, May 23, 2021

Remembering my Uncle Rob Eggers

Some great memories I have with Uncle Rob (Uncle Rock) were made so many years in Gitchee Gumee, camping or on his regular trips back to Chicago. Uncle Rob was always extremely intentional in trying to keep up and connect with all of his family. Whenever I would release a new song or album, he would send me a full review by email or a text message. We had many similar hobbies - especially board games, biking, hiking, camping and photography. I loved our long bike rides in the Upper Peninsula and around Elgin when he would visit. 

A visit from Uncle Rob always meant we were going to have a fun and memorable time - whether it was in downtown Chicago, at home playing Rail Baron or hiking up Jacob's Creek Falls in Michigan. While he was a deep and thoughtful person, he also had an energetic love for life that injected anticipation and excitement. 

I felt that Uncle Rob had a similar sense of humor to Grandma Eggers - a bit dry and sarcastic, but not aggressive or demeaning. His love for his family was inspiring, unique and life-changing. At the center of his heart was compassion and a desire to bless those around him. He displayed this compassion by spending quality time with those he loved, year after year, but it never seemed forced or burdensome. He truly cared about us and was excited for his next chance to get to spend time with us. 

While I will always miss those times, I am more thankful that they happened and that he left such a lasting effect on the lives of those he cared about - including mine. I always wish he was still with us, and it seems like just yesterday when he passed. I hope I can learn from his example and prioritize quality time and genuine interest with those I love the most. Thanks Uncle Rock for doing that.

Peter (Pedro)

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