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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Add VST Plugins to Studio One

Remember that Studio One Prime version does not allow for VST plugins. Also, the Artist version does not allow you to add your own VST's unless you purchase their add-on for about $80 HERE. Studio One Professional version is much more expensive, but does not require the add-on. Personally I purchased the Artist version of Studio One and then the $80 add-on.


1) Download your VST of choice. Make sure it's 64 Bit.

2) Copy your new downloaded VST file within its folder.

3) Paste the file to your normal Studio One VST folder.

4) Open Studio One.

5) Click on "Studio One" and then "Options".

6) Now click on "Locations and VST Plugins."

7) Make sure the box is checked that says "Scan at Startup." Also press the button that says"Reset Blacklist."

8) If you don't see your Studio One VST folder under "Locations", click "Add" and then add your VST folder.

9) Close Studio One.

10) Re-Open Studio One. Your new VST's should appear in the Browser (click view / Browser if the Browser isn't open.)

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