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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Beyond - Guang Hui Sui Yue - Chords and Pinyin

                 C                    G
Gam tin ngoh, hon ye lui hon suet piu gwoh
                  Am                                                  F
Waai jeuk laang keuk liu dik sam woh piu yuen fong
                 C                              G
Fung yue lui jui gon, mo lui fan bat ching ying jung
                 F                                                       C
Tin hung hoi foot nei yue ngoh hoh wooi bin (Sui moot joi bin)

               C                       G
Doh siu chi, ying jeuk laang ngaan yue jaau siu
                      Am                                                   F
Chung moot yau fong hei gwoh sam jung dik lei seung
               C                                     G
Yat saat na fong fat, yeuk yau soh sat dik gam gok
          F                                              C
Bat ji bat gok yi bin daam sam lui ngoi (Sui ming baak ngoh)

                      F                            G                               C       Am
Yuen leung ngoh je yat saang bat gei fong jung ngoi ji yau
F                             G                          C
   Ya wooi pa yau yat tin wooi dit do (Oh no)
F                      G                         C         Am
Bui hei liu lei seung, sui yan do hoh yi
F                          G                              C
Na wooi pa yau yat tin ji nei gung ngoh

F              G         Am
Ying yin ji yau ji ngoh

                 G             F              G                 C
Wing yuen go cheung ngoh goh jau pin chin lei


Yelz said...

This song title is different from the lyric. The lyric is "hoi fut tin hong"

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