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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Best Free Reverb Plugin for Audacity

My favorite reverb plugin for Audacity is one called Ambience by Smart Electronix. Ambience sounds great, comes with a great selection of presets and can be downloaded for free Here.


Barry B said...

it's terrible.

Not the reverb, but the controls. Can't select and type in a number, can't easily turn the "knobs" with trackpad/click.

What's the point in trying to build software with interfaces looking like hardware? All that's needed is setting some friggin' values. It doesn't need to look "pretty".

Too frustrating.

Anonymous said...

Hi Barry,
I don't find the knobs so bad (ok, I didn't try it with touch but with mouse).

Just click on the knob and hold mouse button, then move mouse straight down/up or left/right to turn it. Don't try to circle round the knob ..

Kind regards