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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Directions to Xichong, Donchong, Da Meisha, XiaoMeiSha Beaches Shenzhen

How to get to Da Mei Sha and Xiao Mei Sha Beaches in Shenzhen

Option 1

Go to "bai zhi jou" metro station. Then wait at the bus stop for the "#1 double deck bus"
Enjoy the ride for 1 hour. Last station is Xiao Mei Sha. 

Option 2

bus 103 around 45 mins

Option 3

Cuizhou metro. E11 bus. 

Directions to Xichong Beach and Donchong Beach, nice DaPeng Beach, Shenzhen

1) Get on the green Luobao line and take it to Zhuzilin stop

2) Get off the train at Zhuzilin and walk to the bus stop. Exit C. 

3) Take the H92 bus to DaPeng.

4) Once in Dapeng, catch the small orange M231 bus to Dongchong, OR the small orange M232 bus to Xichong (the bus stop is across the street from KFC). Or, if you want a beach in DaPeng, take taxi short way to 大棚较场尾. 

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