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Sunday, March 30, 2014

eBike in a Tropical Storm

Tonight I rode my electric bike to an English lesson about a mile away, and it started pouring on my way there. Even though I had an umbrella, I arrived drenched. On my way home, the wind and rain became insane. My umbrella was bending from strong gusts of wind and buckets of water. I had my computer in my backpack, which I was worried about. However, this wasn't the worst...
As I was riding, I noticed the water in the street was getting deeper. Soon, I noticed cars and buses stalled around me, and suddenly the rushing water was literally up to my knees. I became frightened of course, not sure if the water was going to get deeper. I was sure my tiny electric bike was going to die, but somehow, miraculously, it pushed me through about 75 yards of water that stalled cars and buses. It must have been a funny picture...
When I made it to higher ground I couldn't help but laugh, amazed at my electric bike. Thank God I made it home safely with my computer and my electric bike both fine. It's nice to be clean and dry again!

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