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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Snow in Shenzhen (and Hong Kong)

I'm an American music teacher who has been living in Shenzhen, China, for a little over a year now. Shenzhen borders Hong Kong, and the skyscrapers and mountains in Hong Kong are visible from Shenzhen (and vice versa). Today something unusual happened. My roommate came home and told me, "It's snowing in Shenzhen right now at Wutong Mountain!" Wutong Mountain is in Shenzhen, located near the northern border of Hong Kong. Here's a picture from the snow on Wutong Mountain in Shenzhen today:

In the map below, you can see that the southern point of the Wutong Mountain preserve is less than one kilometer from the northern Hong Kong border. So there is a very good chance there is also snow in the mountains of Hong Kong today. According to the Hong Kong government, there hasn't been snow in Hong Kong since 1975!

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