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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Fun ESL Games for Kids

Things to Bring -

Flashcards, Cones, Guitar, Printouts

1) Charades – Act out a word. Other students try to guess what the word is.

2) Pictionary – Draw a word. Other students try to guess what you're drawing.

3) Think of a word. Each student must think of one word that begins with the last letter of that word.

4) Tape different names to kids back (animals, fruits, etc.). Kids must guess the names on their backs by asking only yes or no questions.

5) Sing Old McDonald - talk about the animals in this song.

6) Blind Travelers - The object of this game is to have kids listen to and communicate basic directions. To get started, get kids into different lines. 2 kids can participate at a time in each line. One student has their eyes closed and is trying to get from one end of the room to the other. The other student is the guide. This guide provides direction to the other student, using phrases such as “turn right”, “go straight”, “turn left” and “stop”. The goal is to get the student with eyes closed to walk from one end of the room to the other. To make it more difficult, add a group of cones in the middle that they must walk around.

7) Run and Pick up! (A great game f you have a big classroom)
Materials needed: Flashcards

* Practice commands like 'run!', 'hop!', 'walk', 'crawl', etc. and then place flashcards or objects at the end of the room.

* Have children take turns or compete as a group and line them up at the other side of the room.

* Yell out commands like: Walk to the apple (card)! Skip to the banana!

* The child(ren) walk/skip to the flashcard called. The child who reaches it first is the winner.

Tip: For three and under, I suggest not making the game a competition because that can be too upsetting for children so young. Instead, make it either a fun group activity or have the children go one by one.

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