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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Unashamed Naked People" - Short Story

One of my roommates and I recently joined a local gym and I’ve been trying to go at least two or three times a week. And I’ve noticed recently that going to the gym can have its pluses and minuses. For example, when I check in and am given a key to a locker, I can either be blessed with a locker that is not surrounded by people and therefore easily accessible, or I can be stuck with a locker surrounded by talkative, outgoing, unashamed naked guys. A friend of mine once got stuck in that unfortunate situation and decided to try and maneuver his way to his locker and get out of there as quickly as possible. But apparently one of the guys next to him started talking with him and he ended up not being able to avoid a face to face conversation. Apparently this guy was a “close talker” as well, which is awkward enough when people are…well…clothed. And to make matters worse the unashamed naked guy put one of his legs up on the bench as he was growing more and more animated in his story telling. Fortunately for my friend the conversation didn’t go beyond ten minutes or so and he was able to leave the locker room with his dignity. Yet for some reason, after their conversation my friend always remembered that guy as “Ballsy McBallserson”.

Is it possible to be too unashamed of your body?

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