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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Comforting Habits

As a kid, I used to like tickling my arms with my favorite blanket. To this day, I still catch myself tickling my arms and then subsequently scratching them. I recently discovered that this is known as "Tickle Therapy," and is sometimes used to treat stress.

I also used to take baths as a kid and find myself enjoying them to this day. When visiting Japan several years ago with my band we visited something called “onsen”, or natural hot springs. Some included different therapeutic minerals or additives such as tea and lavender. The onsen were in the mountains so the hot water felt great against the cold snow. It was only like $20 for the day and it was definitely one of my favorite tourist attractions in Japan.

Interestingly, the Japanese Macaques (Japanese snow monkey) is the most northerly-living non-human primate, and are able to survive in the bitter cold partially because of onsen springs… (link)

^^^  I’m second from the left.

What are some habits that comfort you?

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