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Friday, November 1, 2013

Install Tascam US-122 on Windows 8

- Download the latest Vista drivers from;9,15,68,19.html;
- Extract the .exe file from the package;
- Right click on the extracted exe file, select properties;
- Go to the compatibility tab, select "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" and in the dropdown box underneath select "Windows Vista (Service Pack 2)" (any Vista selection will probably work but this is the one that did it for me);
- Choose OK to save the settings
- Run the installer by double clicking on it and install as normal


thevoiceoftruth said...

OMG. Thank you!!!!!
I was trying tons of other methods other people posted for like 3 hours and failed...and resorted to yours for my last trial...and it worked. THANKS A BUNCH!! :)

Ludo said...

thanks Peter! i tried some way more difficult shit that didn't work. and this did :)

Anonymous said...


6 hours of hell on earth following peoples instructions from all over the net, then I followed yours and 2 minutes later BOOM!

you have made a lot of people on Mornington Island aka Gununa very happy

can not thank you enough!


ps this is the kind of projects you have enabled:

Unknown said...

wow, wow, wow. had to try it a couple times cause I'm not an IT guy, but then I pulled my head out of my ass and that pretty little green light came on!!! thanks so much! wasted so much time trying to get this dinosaur to work, but its a damn t-rex when it does!!!

Anonymous said...

Worked for me first time on Windows 10 Pro as well. Thanks for that!

Unknown said...

Been struggling to connect to my new laptop. Followed your instructions and worked perfectly. Is it possible to connect two similar devises to one laptop to enable recording four tracks simultaneously?

Erbes said...

Como faço pra instalar no windows 10 o driver da tascam us 122???