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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"Sundown" - 8 New Songs

All songs written, performed, produced and engineered by Pete Kruse unless otherwise noted.

1) "The Night is Young"

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"The Night is Young" is a song I wrote while living in China in early 2013. This song is in an alternate guitar tuning called open-C, and it includes accordion and ukulele (in the chorus). The lyrics are about visiting upper-peninsula Michigan with my family at a camp called Gitchee Gumee. "Gitchee Gumee" is the Native American name for Lake Superior.

2) "Sundown"

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"Sundown" features Atoi Glennette on background vocals and Michael Aukofer on percussion.

3) "Where You'll Find Me"
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"Where You'll Find Me" is my newest song, and was written in China with a ukulele I purchased here recently. This song is inspired by several trips with some close friends to a local beach (Dongchong Beach in Shenzhen), where we attempted surfing for the first time.

4) "Walk With Me"
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"Walk With Me" is meaningful to me because it includes guest performances by most of my siblings and my friend, Michael Aukofer. It features Caleb Kruse on harmonica and background vocals, Aubree Kruse on vocals, Lauren Kruse on vocals and Michael Aukofer on percussion.

5) "A Thousand Miles"

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"A Thousand Miles" is also very meaningful to me because it reunites members from my old band, Rufus Tree. It features former Rufus Tree members Ashley Vargas and Jed Harrison on vocals. Also performing on this song are Michael Aukofer on vocals and accordion and Kyle Baker on vocals.

6) "Hide Away"

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"Hide Away" is a hammered dulcimer instrumental with acoustic guitar and cello providing some musical "color".

7) "Shoreline"

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"Shoreline" is a co-write hammered dulcimer duet Michael Aukofer and Pete Kruse.

8) "July Sun"

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"July Sun" is an acoustic guitar instrumental similar to my previous song, "Copper Harbor".

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