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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

"A Bad Impression" - Funny Short Story

Here in China, not too long ago, I was meeting a girl near the local university campus for some tea. As I was standing there, a man to my left walked up and started shouting at someone. He was getting closer to me, but I could tell he was angry at someone else near the university gate (to my right). Eventually he walked away and a different man came from behind the gate and started shouting back at the the first man. After a few minutes, the 2nd man walked away and the original man came back, this time waving two large knives in the air (I later found out that he had just stolen the knives from a local restaurant). Around that time, I decided I should probably choose a different place to wait. Yet I was too late. The guy with the knives started walking towards me, and in Chinese he asked for my phone. As I was handing him my phone, about a dozen policemen showed up. The man kindly gave me back my cell phone and dropped his knives, knowing he was outnumbered. Yet the cops noticed the man giving me something, so they also thought that I was somehow involved, and they were also getting ready to arrest me. Fortunately, the guy with the knives defended me (verbally). Yet I could tell that the cops weren't completely convinced, and they started approaching me again. The guy who was being arrested looked my way and told me to "Go! go! go!". So I did, and as I was running from about a dozen cops, my date shows up. Fortunately, the cops were more concerned about the guy with the knives than with me, so they didn't pursue me much. But I'm not sure I could have left a worse impression with the girl I was meeting!

by Pete Kruse

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