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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"Hide Away" by Peter Kruse Featured on "AbletonOP"

"Hide Away" is one of my original hammered dulcimer songs from my album "Sundown". A while back I noticed it had been garnering hundreds of listens in a short time, and I had no idea why until today. A comment was left on that song which said that featured my song in a tutorial. I encourage you to check out that tutorial if you use Ableton software and are looking for a good hammered dulcimer sound (Link)!

Click Here to purchase "Hide Away"

This reminds me of when the giant social news blog Mashable used my band Rufus Tree's song to announce the release of Xanga Audio (Link). When Mashable initially announced the release, they used a Rufus Tree song I wrote on their blog. Since then, Xanga has gotten rid of their audio feature, so the link on Mashable is broken. But here's the old Rufus Tree song that Mashable featured:

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Naomi said...

Excellent work! Keep it up.