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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Peter Kruse Audio

All of the below songs are available for purchase in Peter's Music Store. Thanks much for listening! All songs copyright Peter Kruse.

"Sundown" (featuring Atoi Glennette and Michael Aukofer) by petekruse
"Sundown" features Michael Aukofer on percussion and Atoi Glennette on BGV's

 This I Know by petekruse
This I Know features Michael Aukofer on percussion and Keys and Aaron Graunke on BGV's

Shoreline (cello and hammered dulcimer) by petekruse
Shoreline is a co-write by Pete Kruse and Michael Aukofer. Features Michael Aukofer and Pete Kruse both on hammered dulcimer.

A thousand Miles by petekruse
"A Thousand Miles" features Michael Aukofer on accordion and additional vocals. Also features vocals by Jed Harrison, Ashley Vargas and Kyle Baker.

Hide Away - Original Hammered Dulcimer by petekruse

"Walk With Me" by petekruse
Walk With Me features Lauren Kruse on BGV's, Aubree Kruse on BGV's, Caleb Kruse on harmonica and BGV's , Michael Aukofer on percussion

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