New Music Video!

New Music Video!!
"News Blues"

Thursday, February 1, 2007

New Site

Welcome to my new music site. Here you will be able to find recording and tour updates as well as other related news. Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to join my mailing list (below).



Anonymous said...

haha, I'm the first one. :-)

Anonymous said...

pete ur amazing lol i love ur voice it could put me to sleep in a second love u for life cant wait to see moe shows!!!!!


Peter Kruse said...

Thanks you all! Pete.

Anonymous said...

Sweet! I'm the third one ;)
Hiya, Pete! Altho I haven't heard any of your music (yet) but I'm going to start listening today!!! :D

Jen from Hong Kong x

Anonymous said...

This is Jen from Hong Kong again!
I've just listened to your song "Not That Far" and I'm going to see from they have your CD over here!! :D I've become your fans already!


Kevin said...

Dang blazes PMGGDK!

Anonymous said...

Hey Pete, Great music! I'm another Peter Kruse (who happens to have a brother named David who is also a fantastic guitar player. Glad to see you are keeping the name strong! I'm going to keep up with your music - keep on.

Peter Kruse said...

Thanks Anonymous! :) Glad to see the name Pete Kruse staying strong haha. Also, thanks to Jen for checking out my music :)